Ward 4 Needs Thoughtful, Experienced, Vigilant Representation
I’m Bill Hickman and I’m running for the Ward 4 seat on the Norman City Council. I’m running because Ward 4 is the heart of our city, and it's never been more important in our city's history for our Ward to have independent, experienced, reliable, wise and vigilant representation.

Our representative on the Council needs to be the voice of reason and vision among the other members, leading East and West on a path to protect what is unique about our city and to nurture all the many things that are extraordinary about it. My professional and civic roles, and my prior military service, have led me to seek this office and given me many opportunities to prove my leadership, dedication, and worthiness of others'  trust. I would be honored to bring that service record to the Norman City Council and work for you and all of Ward 4.

In coming months, there will be many issues before the City that could have disproportionate impact on Ward 4. Proactive, reliable representation is key for our neighborhoods. I bring an independent, conflict-free perspective to these issues with the goal of protecting our neighborhoods and preserving and enhancing the best of our Ward 4 way of life. If Ward 4 is strong, Norman is strong.

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