Shelly, Will, Emma, Abby, & Bill
  • Ward 4 resident and business owner. An experienced, independent voice for our Ward’s interests & concerns.
  • Historic District Commissioner, appointed by Mayor Cindy Rosenthal, with a solid record of protecting Ward 4 neighborhoods.
  • Key advocate for improvements to Norman’s Animal Welfare Center, primary proponent for “No Kill Adoptable Animal” resolution, and shelter volunteer. 
  • Routinely attended and engaged in Norman Forward project discussions.
  • Active participant since 2014 in Center City Vision Charette and form-based code meetings. 
  • Blue Thumb volunteer to protect urban waterways. 
  • Proponent for stricter environmental protections.
  • Volunteer service includes: Former President of his Rotary club, Board Chair of Good Shepherd School for Autism, Chair of Warren Spahn Gala raising money for local youth initiatives, and Jim Thorpe Executive Committee. 
  • Citizen of the Cherokee Nation.
  • Retired Air Force captain, graduate of U.S. Air Force Academy. Earned MBA at Auburn University and law degree from the University of Oklahoma.
  • Married to wife, Shelly, 24 years, and father of  three: Will, Abby, and Emma.