One More Post

Bill Hickman
January 17, 2016

As the discussion increases about high density, changes to the city center, and public safety, I believe we need a leader with the vision to move Norman forward while protecting the unique character and charm that we all love. The need to revitalize our core became more apparent to me as I would run the streets of our neighborhoods. I always tell people, when you run (or walk or bike), you get a different perspective than just driving by. When your feet are on the ground, you are able to observe the dilapidated and abandoned structures that are unsafe, you see the aging infrastructure such as holes in sidewalks, and you can sense the concern in the community about where the future is taking us. I intend to continue to run the streets of Norman as my campaign moves forward and would be happy to have company to discuss your concerns, to see your perspective, or to enjoy a new trail.